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Sumeria’s Soul Harem Podcast – Relationships as a System With Tiziano Sguerso

I have been following Tiziano’s Content for a while now. Whilst he has learnt family constellation in his native Italy, he has successfully developed his own approach to this wonderful family healing modality. He is doubt free in his responses and extremely grounded. Coming from a family background of criminality and drugs, he is deeply compassionate of the healing journey chosen by his clients. We covered the below in what I see as an introductory podcast with him and so much else.

1. Tell us a little about you and how did you know the spiritual path was for you?
2. Why Family Constellations for you? How did you learn it? What is Systemic?
3. What are some examples of constellations that you have handled – possibly 2 examples
4. What wounds are harder – mother or father wounds? Why
5. What practices do you do to enhance your spirit, mind and body?

Varin Gill is a Certified Spirituality, Sex & Relationships Coach, a Healer, a Goddess Wisdom Initiate, a Certified Yoga Teacher and a Finance Director with 20 years background in Corporate & Operational Finance. Her journey into wellness begun with her own journey of healing herself. If you would like to find out more kindly follow the links below

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