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Please, use this space to ask our team ONLY questions related to bookings payments or events related questions that are not answered over the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS or written in the events descriptions, this space is not open for therapeutic advices, for those types of questions please use the space ASK A QUICK QUESTION.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a powerful therapeutic method that helps individuals understand and heal hidden family dynamics and patterns. By exploring family relationships and utilizing techniques like role-playing and visualization, individuals gain insight into their place within the family system and uncover unconscious behaviors impacting their lives. This approach acknowledges the influence of the morphogenetic field, an intangible information field carrying collective family knowledge and experiences. Family Constellations addresses various challenges, provides deeper self-understanding, and complements medical treatments.

This is the most common question when we approach any sort of therapy.

The answer is: ONE.

Many people are surprised to read this, as they are used to what we call: a psychological approach.

Systemic Therapy & Family Constellation are not a psychological approach, but a “Movement Of The Soul.”

Through the use of words, acknowledgments and movements we embrace the use of the morphogenetic field, acting on a subconscious level.

This has an effect energetically within us.

We than allow this shift to take place emotionally, mentally and physically.

The effects of the morphogenetic field are as valuable as in person as they are remote.

The difference stands in the modalities in use.

In the in-person Constellation, the movement of the soul is happening on a physical level, through physical movements. However, in the online Constellation, the movement of the soul is generated by the use of words and acknowledgements.”

I do not do introductory calls and I also highly discourage them. Systemic therapy is not a psychological approach or a conscious understanding but it is what we call “a movement of the soul”. When you share with me your dynamic, I will feel “a pull” to initiate the movement and go through the process.

When someone does a pre-chat or call and then avoids the movement, the magnetism is wasted, also the cost of the 1:1 is the only cost you embrace in a systemic approach. A family constellation is one single movement, one single experience, not a therapeutic approach that you need to have repeatedly.

Over our in-person event, we raffle 7/8 names from the jar. Those names are chosen to present their cases. However, every individual will have the opportunity to take part in the representations. As well as experience the systemic exercises on a personal level.

The group dynamic is based on the understanding that every individual present in the room is taking part in a MOVEMENT OF THE SOUL which is happening collectively. You often see people who are external to the representation might be starting crying or sobbing, becoming emotional. To only say afterwards “Wow that was my situation!”. This is the power of group work. Out of my personal experience, the majority of life-changing experiences are happening while representing someone else’s Constellation.

Systemically, people who are attached to seeing their case are generally people who have little faith in life, people who do not trust their mother in full.

The effects of working in the morphogenetic field are various and they unfold over time, they can be seen in a week as much as in one year, the soul moves slowly, so no rush! However, in the days after the event you can feel energetically drained, perhaps “sick” as you would acknowledge, but the “sickness” so-called, is the “reparation process” that your body is going through after the movement of the soul has been made during your experience, so no panic, if you run down means that “the active conflict” just ended, so you have healed what was buried underneath. We encourage you to swim in the ocean after events or individual session!

It is not relevant whether your parents are alive or not to pursue this therapeutic approach, as to a morphogenetic level, the imprinting that your parents have within you lives longer after your parents left this plane of existence.

Working with Family Constellation allows you to bring harmony to that imprinting and to the impact that it creates in your life experience.

Please, be aware that you are not paying for the length of the session, you are paying for the effectiveness. This is not a “talk therapy”, this is a movement of the soul, something much more effective!

The movement is usually between 15 to 25 mins, the shortest is the movement and the more effective.

The movement must be embraced when the magnetism is intense which is usually for a short period of time, this is where we can make a life-changing experience!

No, the Constellation is happening within the morphogenetic imprinting of the individual, not externally, or physically.

The physical representation is showing us the hidden patterns of the soul, it is bringing to the surface the unknown.

It is taking place using the participants over the events, or internally within the facilitator and the traveller during the one on one.

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