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Book a Private Group Session

Unlock the power of collective exploration with our “Book a Group Call” service, offering a dynamic platform for unlimited participants to delve into the realms of systemic thinking and family constellations theory. Whether you’re a team, a group of friends, or an organization seeking deeper insights and transformative experiences, this offering is tailor-made to foster connection, growth, and understanding.

The person requesting this group booking takes the helm, organizing a private gathering on Thursdays or Fridays (Australian time). With flexibility in scheduling, you can align the session to suit your group’s availability and objectives.

Choose between two options:

  1. 1-Hour Option: Engage in group discussions and immersive systemic lectures led by our experienced facilitators. Dive into key concepts, explore shared challenges, and uncover new perspectives on prosperity and abundance. Price: $585

  2. 2-Hour Option: Elevate your experience with a profound Family Constellation session—a morphogenetic journey that unveils hidden dynamics within the group system. Through constellation work, participants can witness and resolve entanglements, paving the way for deeper understanding and healing. Price: $1050

Whether you’re seeking to foster team cohesion, deepen personal connections, or embark on a journey of collective growth, our “Book a Group Call” service offers a transformative space for exploration and empowerment. Embrace the power of group dynamics and embark on a journey towards greater prosperity and abundance today.

Online Group Session Request (Externally Organised)

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