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Online Systemic Library

Explore our collection of membership-exclusive content!

You can sign up to our Monthly Membership for UNLIMITED (all-inclusive) access to our online systemic library with pre-recorded workshops, 1 hour monthly live workshops on different systemic topics, as well as a private community “wall of systemic conversations”.

Click ‘Subscribe’ to enter your information and select your preferred
option, or click on a feature to access more information about it.

Upcoming Monthly Online
Systemic Workshops

* Recordings of each monthly online event will be available on the website approx. 7 days after the event date. Available for (1) event attendees who bought a ticket, (2) for monthly 'active' systemic members, and (3) for people who would like to purchase access to the recorded workshop. In this way everyone benefits.

Past Recorded Workshops

Sign up to our Monthly Membership for Unlimited Access (with an active members subscription) to our pre-recorded workshops, as well as future uploaded workshops including a ‘live’ online workshop every month that you can attend. You can also purchase workshop(s) in the library individually for lifetime online access.

Please choose the workshop and get the relevant membership; either monthly ongoing (all inclusive), or single workshop purchase…

Upcoming Group Events