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Podcast – Solving the Puzzle of Past Pain: Family Constellation Explained

The conversation explores the concept of belonging and the impact of family dynamics on our lives. It delves into the idea that violence can be a form of love when it is a love that cannot make it.

The conversation also discusses the importance of working on emotional release and healing the wounds of the past. It highlights the role of family constellations in understanding and resolving these issues.

The conversation touches on topics such as the morphogenetic imprinting, the impact of ancestry on our lives, the role of guilt in giving and taking, and the significance of the mother-child bond.

It also explores the connection between money and the mother, the impact of the mother’s relationship with the father on the children, and the dynamics of cheating in relationships. In this conversation, Tiziano Sguerso discusses various topics related to relationships, family dynamics, and personal growth.

He explains how guilt and the search for value can impact women’s behavior in relationships. He also explores the effects of chaos and disorder in households and how it can lead to emotional unavailability and destructive behaviors.

Tiziano emphasizes the importance of accepting everything as it is and tapping into love to maintain sanity. He also touches on the concept of right and wrong, the power of love, and the role of the father figure.

Additionally, he discusses the dynamics of power and wealth in families and the impact of ancestral heritage on our journey in life. Tiziano shares insights from the Zulu tribe and their understanding of family dynamics and the importance of the sun in spiritual enlightenment.


Belonging is a fundamental aspect of human existence, and people often defend abusive family members in order to maintain a sense of belonging.

Violence can be a form of love when it is a love that cannot make it, and it can be passed down through generations.

Working on emotional release and healing the wounds of the past is crucial for personal growth and transformation.

Family constellations can help uncover and resolve deep-seated issues within family dynamics.

The mother-child bond is essential for a child’s development, and disruptions in this bond can have long-lasting effects.

Money reflects the experience of the mother, and issues with money can be connected to unresolved issues with the mother.

The relationship between the mother and father has a significant impact on the children and their relationships in adulthood.

Cheating in relationships can be a result of unresolved issues and a search for a better provider or emotional connection. Guilt can lead to destructive behaviors and a search for value in relationships.

Chaos and disorder in households can result in emotional unavailability and negative coping mechanisms.

Accepting everything as it is and tapping into love can help maintain sanity.

The concept of right and wrong is subjective and comes from a place of pride.

The father figure plays a crucial role in shaping a person’s sense of value and self-worth.

Power and wealth in families can have complex dynamics and impacts on future generations.

Ancestral heritage can influence our journey in life and the challenges we face.

The Zulu tribe’s understanding of family dynamics and their connection to the sun can offer valuable insights into spiritual enlightenment.

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