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Podcast – Family Constellations with Natasha Andreo

In this episode, Natasha interviews Tiziano Sguerso- a Family Constellations Facilitator about this systemic therapies and the power A family constellation is a term used to describe the pattern of relationships between generations of a family. It refers to the way in which individuals in a family are connected to one another, and can be thought of as a visual representation of the family structure. One of the most powerful healing modalities with transformational effects.

This is a form of psychotherapy that addresses individuals within their family context. It views problems as a result of the relationships among family members, rather than solely as individual issues. Systemic therapy focuses on understanding and addressing the dynamics and patterns within the family constellation. The goal is to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and promote understanding between family members. This approach can be beneficial for various issues, including relational conflicts, behavioral problems in children, and mental health challenges.

Systemic therapists work to help individuals understand and change unhelpful patterns within their family systems, ultimately leading to improved well-being for all involved.Listen to find out how Family Constellations has completely changed the trajectory of Tiziano’s life and his mission to change the lives of millions of people across the globe.

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