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The language of the soul

Caterina Pulitano

Language Spoken: English.

Caterina Pulitano is a Devoted Mother first and foremost and dedicates her Passion and Purpose to her Daughters’, becoming a Mother was the Catalyst to her Commitment and Curiosity to understanding generational trauma, patterns and behaviours as well as Metaphysics, cause and effort and how unresolved and suppression of feelings and experiences can become the responsibilities of the next generation. Caterina vowed to choose courage and to walk the path so “Her” unresolved didn’t become her daughters.

Caterina is a Spiritual Teacher and Guide, A facilitator of Conscious Leadership and Change, Body work, Reiki, 20 years in the Health, Fitness and Wellness space and Yin Yoga Teacher. Caterina has worked directly with individuals consistently for the last 10 years, in person and online from all over the world.

She describes – “Much of what I do and what unfolds within the space is Pure Magic, Divine Guidance, Intuition and Intervention, where I read the body and signals to engage the client with questions of curiosity that trigger resonance and emotion. Collecting the information of the Journey to NOW, together we begin to piece together the puzzle of Patterns and behaviours.”


"Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe its unbecoming everything that isn’t you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place!"​

Caterina uses a variety of skillsets she has attained through education, employment and the biggest teacher her Life experiences. In early childhood she experienced many struggles that sent her into many years of darkness and deep sadness, trying to figure her place within her Family and life itself. She describes an inner knowing and voice that even in moments of hopelessness, assured her going through it would guide her towards a Life of Meaning and a Soul Contract destined for Great Collective Impact.

Through her commitment and curiosity to learn all things “Human Behaviour and Connection” Her Birthright Passion and purpose became very clear, to hold other individuals in safety to be seen and heard, guiding them towards a life of authenticity and joy, by releasing what lays beneath. Bringing the “unconscious – conscious”

In August 2022, another piece of this puzzle was revealed, where on Instagram Caterina discovered the work of “Tiziano Sguerso” and Family Constellations. It was a full body yes, goosebumps and that inner knowing saying, “look over here”. Without hesitation she started first my journey working with Tiziano, then committed to two separate Facilitator trainings in Sydney. Instantly it made sense to her that this was so valuable, and she needed to bring this to her clients past, present and future. Working with Tiziano on her own personal family system, changed the trajectory of her life in so many ways. Caterina continues to learn, educate and embrace this “Language of the Soul” with Feminine grace. It’s with pure gratitude that collaboratively now we facilitate more collective healing and Love.

“I look forward to serving you”.

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Systemic Therapy Session with Caterina (Online) We look at the areas of your life where attention is required. Through a systemic therapeutic approach we unfold the hidden veil of physical symptoms, repeated patterns, toxic dynamics and any other circumstance which is not in harmony with your wellbeing. $275 AUD
Systemic Therapy Session (for Couples) with Caterina (Online) Through a system therapeutic approach, we unfold what is holding your relationship back to reach its full potential. $325 AUD
Caterina Pulitano